Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aetherium Enterprise?

Aetherium is a writing project about inexplainable events/objects. The main purpose of the project is nothing but to share our vision of paranormal stories. This site has no involvement with real life at all and is just meant to be a hobby.

Is Aetherium Enterprise real?

No, not at all. In fact it is all about imagination and creativity.

Can I write about paranormal stuff like you do?

Absolutely! We would love to see your vision about Aetherium Enterprise. If you want to become an author, make sure you check our writer's guide.

Do you relate to the SCP Foundation?

No, we do not have anny affilaiton with the SCP foundation, yet we sure are using a similar concept.

I have other questions!

Well, our officials will do their best to answer them. You can check Our Discord to speak to other people from the community.

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