Joining Aetherium Enterprise

Account Rules:

Sharing Accounts:

Only use your account yourself. Make sure no one else is using your Wikidot account or knows your password. Otherwise; an excuse like "I did not make this arrangement, my friend entered my account!" will not work for you.

Wrong Usernames:

  • Your name must not include information such as phone numbers or social media addresses.
  • Don't use names that indicate that you have authority over the wiki or that you are part of the editor team. Otherwise, your account will be removed from the site. (Example: Editor James/ Admin Robert etc.)
  • Names that contain fictions or characters that you haven't written yourself are prohibited. (Example: Dr. Arkhos / AETHER-034 etc.)
  • Usernames containing profanity or slang are prohibited.

If you have a username that does not meet one of the conditions above, you can change it here.

Roleplaying (RP)

  • This site is not a Roleplay site. Do not adopt a fictional character and pretend you are them.


  • Due to the fictional brutality and violent articles that you may encounter within the site; You must be at least 12 years old to join our site.

By joining the site, you are deemed to have accepted that you are over the age of 12 and have read the rules above.

Due to an error caused by Wikidot, verification email is not being received by gmail addresses that contain numbers. If your gmail address contains numbers, log in using another gmail account.

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