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AETHER-043 Clearence Level:10/08
Object Class: PASSIVE

Containment Procedures: AETHER-043 can not be contained in it's present form, and every known attempt were considered to not be enough. In order to hide the existence of AETHER-043, the areas where AETHER-043 appears must be found, and quarantined.
Description: AETHER-043 is an Ancient Greek-style statue created by an unknown artist and is proposed to be about 571 (five hundred seventy one) years old. The object is shaped like an unidentified woman, who seems to be about 35 years old. AETHER-043, is roughly 176 centimeters high when it is upright. The raw material used for the construction of AETHER-043 has been observed as a stone-based structure that cannot be defined by today's technology and can not be damaged by any means in its current state. If AETHER-043 is photographed or recorded with any visual recording device; it will be seen as it is looking in the direction of the camera in all of the recordings. AETHER-043 can appear in different places in some periods that are assumed to be random.The object will disappear from its current location and, within the next 2 (two) days, it will appear in a different area, which is considered completely independent of the areas it used to be located in. The object has generally been seen appearing in areas that are far from residential and where the human population is 1,000 people or less. If the object is being watched with a camera or other recording device before it disappears, various noise and electronic device problems will occur in the recording device about 15 (fifteen) minutes before disappearance event; if the asset is approximately 4 (four) minutes before it disappears, the recording device will be completely unusable. People who have witnessed the disappearance of AETHER-043 will lose all their knowledge and memories about the moment of the incident and will lose all their knowledge about the disappearance of AETHER-043. Approximately 2 (two) hours before AETHER-043 disappears, some crying and moaning sounds will be heard, which are assumed to be originating from AETHER-043. Although the voices are generally made up of incomprehensible groans; number of words that were spoken intermittently and determined to be Greek were also recorded.

These sounds are;
[Translated from Greek.]

  • "Help me."
  • "I'm starving."
  • "I want to go."
  • "Help me."

repetitions of these words. Other sounds cannot be given any meaning.

Description: Attempt to communicate with AETHER-043 in Greek.
Interviewer: Dr. Owen
Interviewed: AETHER-043

[Translated from Greek.]
Dr. Owen: Hello?
AETHER-043: Help me.
Dr. Owen: Can you understand me?
AETHER-043: I'm starving.
Dr. Owen: If you understand me, give me a smooth answer.
AETHER-043: (İncomprehensible moans)
Dr. Owen: What? Speak a little louder.
AETHER-043: All I want is…
Dr. Owen: What do you want?
No answer.
Dr. Owen: What do you want?
AETHER-043: All I want is… (Incomprehensible moans)
Dr. Owen: What do you want?
AETHER-043: I'm starving.
AETHER-043: Help me.
AETHER-043: I want to go.
Dr. Owen: It seems like it doesn't understand me.
AETHER-043: Cries
Dr. Owen: Wait, is it normal for it to cry?
Dr. Adams: I've never heard it cry before, but I remember that it was written on the file.
Dr. Owen: OK, are you recording these?
Dr. Adams: Yeah, you are still under record.
Dr. Owen: Good, let's continue.
AETHER-043: Screams.
Dr. Adams: This isn't normal, we'd better let someone know.
Dr. Owen: No, we have to record these.
Dr. Adams: So be it, but I'm pretty sure there will be a problem.
AETHER-043: (Whispering) Help me.
AETHER-043: (Whispering) I'm starving.
AETHER-043: (Whispering) I want to go.
AETHER-043: (Shouting) Help me!
Dr. Owen: If you can understand me, just talk without shouting.
(No answer.)
Dr. Owen: Don't you understand me?
(No answer.)
Dr. Adams: It doesn't seem to know about the outside world, I think we can finish the recording.

Reportage Note: AETHER-043 seems unaware of the outside world. Despite our efforts to contact it, we did not see any responses. I can tell that the research was inconclusive.

- Dr. Adams

AETHER-043 caught the attention of Enterprise in 1986, by being noticed by public. A few news published in the newspaper describing a sculpture that is constantly changing. The asset is noticed 18 (eighteen) days after; captured and examined by the Enterprise. As a result of noticed anomalies; AETHER-043 has been qualified as an "anomaly". All tests performed on AETHER-043 show that AETHER-043 has an active blood flow and a skeletal system. It has been determined that AETHER-043 does not have a separated life form inside, and AETHER-043 has its own organs. In case of any attempt in order to damage AETHER-043; Some clearly observable fluids are secreted in the eye and mouth parts of AETHER-043. Although the liquids chemically resemble human blood, it has been determined that the liquid has a dissolving and corrosive structure.

Test Description: X2-3948 is a 38-year-old male subject of average build build with unknown psychological history. Asked the subject to draw a line on AETHER-043 with black wall paint.

X2-3948: You want me to paint the statue?
Dr. Owen: Yes, please paint a part of the statue, then come back without making any sudden moves.
X2-3948: Ok, easy job.
(X2-3948 slowly approaches AETHER-043, hears moaning sounds; and then pauses.)
X2-3948: There are freaking voices coming from this thing!
Dr. Owen: Please don't mind the sounds, and follow the instructions.
X2-3948: God damn…
(X2-3948 goes near AETHER-043, and starting from the face to the object; Draws a black stripe. After completing the transactions, he retracts.)
(AETHER-043 stays in the same state for approximately 5 (five) hours.)
(AETHER-043 is located in the Sahara Desert, there is no trace of paint or paint on the entity.)

Test Note: Changes made on AETHER-043 are permanent until it disappears. If object shifts, it will revert to its former state.

- Dr. Owen

People around AETHER-043 seem to be under stress and suicidal in general. As a result of the researches, it has been observed that the people around the 10 square meter area around ​​AETHER-043 cause some negative thoughts and feelings to occur in the subconscious. It has been observed that if these psychological conditions caused by AETHER-043 persist for a long time, they can cause permanent psychological damage and mental balance loss. There are no known ways to reverse these negative effects.

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