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AETHER-003 Clearence Level:10/07
Object Class: NEGATIVE
Aetherium_Autonomus_Object_.png Autonomous Hazard Aetherium_memetic_human_Logo.png Humanoid Anomaly

Containment Procedures: AETHER-003 should be kept in a 10x10x15 meter wide containment area. No sunlight should penetrate the interior of the containment area and the cell should be continuously illuminated by fluorescent lamps fixed to the ceiling. The containment area of ​​AETHER-003 should be kept closed at all times and there should be no open areas that has potential to cause AETHER-003 to be seen from outside. AETHER-003 should not be observed directly for any purpose and inside of the cell should only be seen via the security cameras installed inside. The door of the containment cell should be locked so that two armed personnel are held outside.

Description: AETHER-003; It is a living being which has an anatomical structure similar to Canis lupus familiaris1 and Homo Sapiens2. If it stands upright, subject is roughly 1.89 centimeters tall and weighs 47.86 Kilograms. It has a gray skin and since it does not have lips, its teeth and part of the gum can be easily observed from the outside. Instead of the ears, it has a circular hole on the right and left sides of its head. AETHER-003 does not have any organ or build to determine its gender. The entity does not show any aggression in its standard state and spends most of its time crawling or crawling in the containment area. The eyes of AETHER-003 are white in color and have a bright appearance. In case of direct eye contact with AETHER-003, the person making contact with the entity will become a target for AETHER-003 and will experience various psychological disorders. AETHER-003 was first reported in 20██, by a citizen named ██████ ████████. Until now, there are no other known civilian eyewitnesses, apart from 4 civilians who have seen AETHER-003. You can find the reports of the witnesses on AETHER-003 below.

(█ Class amnesic was applied to the surviving eyewitnesses.)

AETHER-003 uses all of its limbs to walk, in a coordinated fashion, and each limb ends with four fingers and a thumb each. Although it does not need to eat and does not engage in activities such as digestion or excretion, it has incisors that are similar to some breeds from the canine family.

Using the double joints in the arms and legs of AETHER-003, the entity can move quickly by crawling and can stand up hunched up with the help of its hind legs. The legs of the being have a similar structure to canids. The backbone of AETHER-003 has evolved in a hunchbacked manner and although very low, it has an undeniable flexible structure. The forelimbs of the being have long claws that help it climb unlike its hind legs, and the entity has completely unique [DATA EXPUNGED]. AETHER-003 does not have eyelids and has a very limited vision compared to a normal person. The vestigial eyes of the being are almost completely blind and can only provide movement-based vision. AETHER-003 dominates its enhanced sense of smell when finding its way or a victim. The average body temperature of AETHER-003 can vary between 5 and 10 degrees Celsius.

AETHER-003 can easily adapt to its environment and survive in any temperature. AETHER-003's arms secrete a chemical mixture that aids in climbing and crawling, in addition to double cartilaginous joints and flexible bone structure. This chemical [DATA EXPUNGED]

It has been documented that when the entity is subjected to procedures that would cause painful sensations to a standard person, it reacts much less frequently than a standard person and in some cases, does not respond to pain sensations. This led to the idea that AETHER-003 does not have a sense of pain or that its nervous system functions differently than a normal person.

If AETHER-003's skin is exposed to sunlight for an average of 3 hours or more, its skin will be damaged and burns will occur on it. The healing of these burns and wounds will take an average of half an hour per square centimeters, in proportion to the size of the damaged area.

The individual who made eye contact with the entity within 24 hours after direct eye contact with AETHER-003 will start having dreams and / or hallucinations about AETHER-003's eyes. Individuals who have made eye contact often find that AETHER-003; reports that they had dreams in which the entity watched them from the tip of their beds. AETHER-003 does not cause any physical damage to its victims; however, it has been documented that as a result of psychological damage, victims often lost their mental balance, inflicted physical damage and / or committed suicide.

It has been suggested that AETHER-003 deliberately causes highly similar dreams, which are frequently reported by individuals who made eye contact with AETHER-003. It is being investigated whether AETHER-003 has the ability to appear in the dreams of people who looked into its eyes.

Additional Document-003-I:

[Discovery and Capture of AETHER-003]

AETHER-003 first caught the attention of the police in 20██ as a result of similar "anomalous entity" reports frequently encountered in the ███████ region of America and an investigation was launched against it. The Enterprise agents gathering information about the research, [DATA EXPUNGED]. After Incident Record-003-█, AETHER-003 was detected using ████████ method and captured by Psi-05 teams.

Immediately after the capture, an anomalous asset transport whose external appearance was likened to a cargo vehicle was transferred to Facility-██ and placed in Cell-003.

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